Allstate Insurance - former Lincoln Benefit Life

Allstate Insurance - former Lincoln Benefit Life

We were hired by the Allstate Insurance to design a new 164,000-square-foot corporate campus for the Lincoln Benefit Life Company, a local, former subsidiary. The project created two buildings on the campus with plans for a third to be built in the future. In 2015, we worked with Allstate on a service center to modify the complex to help meet Allstate’s current needs for the facility.

Located on a 24-acre greenfield site, the campus fits unobtrusively into a prairie landscape. Shade trees planted in a uniform pattern guide visitors to an entry plaza, which consists of concrete pavers of varying colors and size organized in a pattern symbolic of the agricultural staging ground typically found between the fields and homestead on farms. 

To underscore the company’s permanence and stability, limestone cladding was used for the exterior. Split-faced limestone at the base of the building reflects its natural state, and more honed stone on the upper levels serves as a metaphor for the change and evolution of the business. The green glass is contextual with an adjacent golf course.

Interiors feature open working environments. A raised-floor power and data distribution system provides flexibility. A courtyard, softball field, and other amenities were designed to encourage interaction outside the building. The project was completed using a Construction Management delivery method.

In 2015, we began work to reorganize functions at the campus to meet current Allstate standards. We removed all private offices, provided new conference spaces of multiple sizes, and new break and workroom areas around the building core.

The existing functional core containing restrooms, elevators, stairs, and mechanical rooms was expanded to include a layer of collaborative space central to the open office. Separated from the workstations by glass walls, these new team spaces are painted bright colors to create an energetic and vibrant central core that will act as a unifier and a hub of interpersonal activity for each level of the Allstate office building.

Electrical design included relighting the entire facility with LED fixtures. Mechanical systems also were modified because of the many relocated spaces.