Antelope Valley - Union Plaza Park

Antelope Valley - Union Plaza Park

This new park was created a part of the $264 million Antelope Valley project, which provided flood control, transportation improvements, economic redevelopment, and community revitalization.

The park features a meandering waterway with numerous crossings and serves as a flood control tool. It also features public art, three fountains, a large plaza, a scenic overlook, an amphitheater with seating for 200, a playground, and paved trails that connect to the city’s existing system. The plaza stretches over three blocks and offers amenities for festivals such as restrooms, seating, audio and power sources, recycling/trash receptacles, and lighting.

Our design concept expresses the changing nature of water, conveyed through details such as bollards, planters and pavement patterns that evoke droplets, splashes and ripples. The Cycle of Water and Groundwater themes are represented in the fountains. Sustainable elements include water conserving nozzles and LED lights in fountains, photovoltaic cells to power lighting, and permeable pavers and Silva cells to manage runoff and support street-side trees.

We also designed the new Jayne Snyder Trails Center inside the park. The two-story building serves as a hub for city trail users and provides a public meeting space (with a “garage style” door to open to the plaza), restrooms, retail space, and offices for a community health organization.

Union Plaza Park received the Award of Excellence from the Central States American Society of Landscape Architects