Celebrate Union Plaza

Celebrate Union Plaza

Friday, September 5, 2014

Officially open in September, Union Plaza is Lincoln's new central park, created just east of the downtown area as part of the Antelope Valley flood control project.

The Clark Enersen Partners developed a design concept that expresses the nature and essence of water - and not just bodies of water such as lakes and rivers, but the different forms of water such as droplets, condensation, and snowflakes. We looked at the patterns water creates such as ripples, splashes and waves and also what water leaves behind- staining and sediment.

This concept was expressed in the park's details, such as planters that evoke water droplets and splashes and pavement patterns that represent dry stream beds and ripples. The flood control function of the park is also represented by a horizontal line on the retaining walls,and transcribed on the trails, showing the water height during a 100-year flood.

For more about our design concept, see http://lincolnparks.org/media/UPDESIGNCONCEPT.pdf.