Doane University - Chab Weyers Education and Hixson-Lied Art Building

Doane University - Chab Weyers Education and Hixson-Lied Art Building

This three-story facility serves as the home of Doane’s nationally recognized education and art programs.

Our primary design challenges were to design a contemporary classroom building while respecting the historical context of the campus, to provide an architectural interpretation of the curriculum offered within the building, and to provide subtle separation while allowing interaction between the two academic programs that share the facility.

A blend of modern and historic is achieved through use of materials, textures and tones. The main entrance façade from a previous building was removed and integrated into the new building. Its arched portico is a historic detail repeated throughout campus. In the interior spaces, floor-to-ceiling glass is used in the lobby to visually connect the interior with the scenic exterior. A dynamic, glass-enclosed student lounge fosters social interaction and serves as a “display case” for the activities inside.

The Art Department features abudant glass and natural light, and offers classrooms, studios, and kiln and mixing rooms.

The education portion of the building has a more traditional appearance. It houses simulated K-12 teaching environments as well as spaces for instruction, presentations, and group and individual study.