Fallbrook Planned Community

Fallbrook Planned Community

Conceptual Design, Master Plan, Site Planning, Streetscapes, Landscape Architecture, Design Standards, Trails, Parks, Plazas, Signage

Starting with a conceptual design in 1999, we have completed virtually all landscape design and site planning for The Fallbrook Community, a 660-acre mixed-use development northwest of Lincoln, Nebraska.

This work includes site planning and design guidelines for MarketPlace, a pedestrian-friendly commercial area. We also completed site planning and development for the Penrose Development (multi-family housing with shared greenspace) and additional design for a high density housing project.

Our previous work has included the layout of multiple corporate office sites within the community, including circulation, parking and landscape. We also planned and designed all of the community right-of-ways, boulevards, a community park, trails, signage, streetscapes, and other building landscapes. We developed a sustainable design plan for the entire development in accordance with the city’s Greenprint, a long-range sustainable planning document we had previously completed for the city’s planning department.

We also developed landscape architecture, urban design, and architectural guidelines for the entire community. These identified guidelines for plantings, lighting, signage, site details and other amenities. This work was followed by the landscape design of the Village Green. We recently worked with development of nature outdoor spaces throughout the 660 acres, as well as a new park connecting the town center to adjacent commercial sites.