Gergen to Offer Civil Engineering

Gergen to Offer Civil Engineering

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Civil Engineer Tim Gergen has joined The Clark Enersen Partners as a Principal and member of the board of directors. Gergen will lead civil engineering, a service the firm has not offered since 1970.

For decades, The Clark Enersen Partners has provided architecture as well as site and master planning, landscape architecture, interior design, and structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering. The firm was founded in 1946 in Lincoln, Nebraska, by Architect Kenneth Clark and Landscape Architect Larry Enersen, Harvard classmates who believed in a holistic approach to design.

The return of civil engineering will allow the firm to further fulfill that vision, and achieve an even higher level of collaboration, said Dennis Scheer, Senior Principal for the firm. "As we share our knowledge about the conditions, challenges, and opportunities of a site, we can elevate the quality of our design, as well as improve the sustainability, buildability, and delivery of a project," Scheer said.

Gergen is a Lincoln native. He attended the University of New Mexico and has 16 years of experience in civil engineering, recently as leader of land development for Olsson Associates, a nationally respected firm. His recent projects include land development for the Assurity Center, Nebraska Innovation Campus, Nebraska State Fairgrounds in Grand Island, Fallbrook, Village Gardens, and Union Plaza.

Gergen will continue to lead projects and provide services specific to public and private site development. His expertise includes land entitlements (annexation, zoning, permitting), grading, stormwater management, site utilities, and roadway/paving design.