Johnson County Library - Central Resource Library Renovation

Johnson County Library - Central Resource Library Renovation

Our renovation of the 86,000-square-foot Central Resource Library in Overland Park, Kansas began with a program statement, followed by major renovations to the library’s public spaces. The first phase was completed in January 2016.

The library serves as both the branch library for Overland Park, and the administrative and support hub for all 13 libraries in the system. At the time of our hiring in 2013, few improvements had been made to the library since its opening in 1995.

Our programming effort involved meetings and workshops with staff representatives for both the public and private spaces of the building to forecast space needs for the next 10 years. Our process determined that improvements should include:

  • Relocation of the Carmack Community Meeting Room to increase accessibility and visibility
  • Creation of a “Maker Space” in place of the previous Carmack Community Meeting Room
  • Relocation of the public computer and technology center to accommodate expanded technology offerings
  • Relocation of the children’s collection and young adult area
  • Relocation of major collection areas to the front of the building while increasing seating in the collection areas
  • Relocation of Genealogy/Reference, allowing more access to natural light in the building
  • Creation of more meeting spaces for different size groups with increased technology
  • Relocation of the main Service Point to a more visible location just inside the entrance
  • Creation of a new Friends Bookstore on the main circulation path within the Library
  • Reorganization of circulation to increase staff efficiency and improve staff and patron accessibility
  • Reorganization of the receiving dock to better accommodate material flow throughout the library
  • Reorganization of Information Technology for efficiency and accommodate a relocated Web Content group

Due to funding limitations, the Johnson County Library could not complete all improvements at one time and the project will be completed in phases. Future phases will renovate and expand all “back of house” support areas such as staff workrooms, shipping and receiving, and information technology.