Kansas City Public Library - Southeast Branch Renovations

Kansas City Public Library - Southeast Branch Renovations

The Clark Enersen Partners was hired to address technology needs as well as other deferred maintenance requirements for the Kansas City Public Library Southeast Branch located at the corner of East 63rd Street Trafficway and Swope Parkway. The project grew to the creation of a Facilities Master Plan where we worked with project stakeholders to develop the following scope items:

Aesthetic Enhancements: With a limited total construction budget of less than $500,000, aesthetic enhancements were planned to provide the building with an updated appearance. This included vibrant new accent colors for walls, new carpet, wall carpet for posting of materials, improved acoustics within the space, and a plan for replacement of ceiling tiles to help improve light quality. Another key element of this effort was the redesign of the library’s service desk near the front entry. This effort made the desk less of a fortress for staff to sit behind and made staff more accessible while including new self-check-out technology.

Exterior Improvements: The master plan also planned for the repainting of all exterior steel, brick tuckpointing, masonry cleaning, and new flashing.

Digital Media Lab: Key to the original project scope, the need for a digital media lab was further explored. This included both a “Social Side” and a “Focused Side.” The social side accommodated gaming, gathering, and interaction opportunities for neighborhood youth. The Focused Side was planned to accommodate focused activities, including the use of computer and other Makerspace technology. Between the two areas, a Control Room and audio recording booth was designed to allow for professional grade recordings of both music and videos.

Meeting Rooms: A lacking key component within the library was meeting space. To address this, three new meeting rooms were created to accommodate different group sizes. All meeting rooms incorporate new finishes, glass front walls and are prepped to accommodate future technology demands.

Space Reorganization: To improve the general layout of the library, we worked with the library to develop an entirely new layout of all components within the facility. This included rearrangement of Kids, Teens, and Collection areas. This effort also included the removal and relocation of collection areas to improve sight lines within the building and change from 90” shelving to 66” shelving.