Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce moved into their new high profile Three Landmark Centre location in the May of 2015. As a new 11,000-square-foot tenant to Three Landmark Centre building, it needed to establish its own, unique identity within the larger structure, while keeping intact the original design integrity of the building’s envelope and interior architectural space. Three Landmark Center promotes a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere with spectacular views through its abundant floor-to-ceiling glass, intricate architectural details, and nature-rich photography artwork.

Through partnership with the Lincoln Chamber in thoughtful design, we created a strong presence from within that could be seen from nearby streetscapes. A progressive, modern-day primary color palette of red-orange, sky blue, and golden rod—pulled from their brand identity guidelines—finished the walls that could be seen from the outside looking in from the historic urban green island streetscape of Lincoln Mall. The Lincoln Chamber wanted to carry their brand into their work environment, but in a way that could be easily re-designed as their brand evolves and changes over time. Instead of applying specific brand graphic illustrations to walls through an appliqué process, a unifying approach to the brand style was achieved through a wall-mounted logo, carpet insets, and paint colors—all of which can be easily changed at a very low cost.

After entering Three Landmark Centre, one is easily guided to the Chamber of Commerce through the dramatic perspective of the floor, ceiling and lighting working together to create an intuitive path through its lobby. The Lincoln Chamber’s lobby incorporates a floor-to-ceiling glass entryway which appears as an extension to the larger Three Landmark Centre lobby, ushering a large volume of guests through its purposeful double entryway doors. These doors can also be left open, conjoining both lobbies to serve as an event space area for larger receptions and public forums.

The awe-inspiring entryway design allows guests to peer though the lobby into the multi-purpose board room where the Lincoln Chamber Coffee is held for elected officials from the city, county government, and Lincoln Public Schools to discuss local issues with community members. This versatile space can hold approximately 100 guests, accommodating over-flow by opening its wide double doors to the lobby. The space was well-designed, taking into consideration flow of guests by incorporating two coffee stations and a hidden pantry-style kitchen.

As a non-profit, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce needed to be mindful of its budget and use community resources wisely. With this intent, designers focused on high-impact community areas—such as the lobby entryway and board room—for high-end finishes, followed by economic yet timeless finishes for areas most used by staff members. This project was also unique in the number of private offices needed which called for a careful approach to mechanical and electrical operations for heating, cooling, lighting, audio/visual capabilities, and ever-changing information technology upgrades.