NDOR - Facilities Study & Phased Renovation

NDOR - Facilities Study & Phased Renovation

We developed a facilities condition study and program statements for the renovation of five buildings on two of the Nebraska Department of Roads campuses – the Testing Laboratory, Central Complex, R.O.W. (State Patrol), Operations, and Sign Shop (currently vacant). These five buildings comprise roughly 300,000 square feet of mixed use space. 

Our study evaluated each building’s architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural conditions. Systems were analyzed for their life span, code compliance, energy efficiency, and cost of replacement or repair. We also analyzed each site in terms of vehicular and pedestrian access, parking, and general conditions.

The study also analyzed the current space utilization by each Division, Section and Unit. From this information, programming and concept plans were developed with NDOR to improve space utilization, efficiency, co-location and key adjacencies. A phasing plan was developed for planning and scheduling the occupied phased renovation projects.

Solutions and systems were recommended in consideration of the need for incremental, phased, occupied renovations in buildings with very low floor-to-floor heights. For example, the study recommends variable refrigerant flow (VRF) HVAC systems so that the owner can realize many of the same benefits as water-source heat pump systems but with smaller piping and small equipment.

The project is currently awaiting funding for the first of four phases of construction.