Christ Lutheran Church, Master Plan, Addition, and Renovation

Christ Lutheran Church, Master Plan, Addition, and Renovation

We completed a conceptual master plan for the expansion of Christ Lutheran Church, which identified three phases to occur over a decade. However, the congregation decided to hasten the start of new ministries, and the three phases were consolidated into one. The addition and renovation includes:

  • A new 5,000-square-foot (SF) commons area.
  • A new 14,000-SF contemporary worship center.
  • HVAC and audiovisual upgrades to the existing sanctuary.
  • A 25,000-SF classroom addition for a grades P-5 day school.
  • 5,000 SF of new administrative space.

The West Worship Center serves the Room 211 worship services and also provides multipurpose space that can be used as a gym for the day school or gathering space for the congregation. The new “multisensory” Room 211 worship experience was inspired by Acts 2:11 in the Bible and includes alternative music styles, drama, and video. The new space provides:

  • A theatrical environment with a large stage.
  • Movable and removable trusses and riggings.
  • Theater-style lighting.
  • Audiovisual (AV) equipment and a computerized AV control area.

As Christian unity was a primary value identified by the congregation, a new commons area provides a crossroads “café” and bridge between attendees of the traditional and contemporary services.

Stats and Results
Location Lincoln, Nebraska
Square Feet 50,000