Revitalizing Centennial Mall

Revitalizing Centennial Mall

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Centennial Mall renovation has taken a great step forward, with the beginning of the official fundraising campaign.

Created in 1967 to honor the state's 100th birthday, Centennial Mall provides a grand vista of the Nebraska State Capitol, stretching seven blocks north to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With three blocks open to traffic and four offering green spaces, the mall was designed to be a place where people could relax and enjoy fountains and a park-like setting in downtown Lincoln. However, over the years, its infrastructure and landscape plantings have become aged to the point of deteriorating.

The renovation will create a safer and more inviting mall, with plazas and green spaces, shooting water features, seating, a tree-lined walkway, and improved lighting and paving. The project also will address safety, liability and accessibility issues. In addition, the project will incorporate "green" strategies for addressing storm water management, energy use and natural resource utilization.

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