Tranquility Park - Soccer Complex Master Plan

Tranquility Park - Soccer Complex Master Plan

This 2010 master plan was developed to guide the expansion and renovation of the 60-acre Tranquility Park Soccer Complex, part of a 340-acre public park in Omaha, Nebraska.

Major features: 16 full-size playing fields; a second performance field with improved lighting, seating and field type; new pedestrian and vehicular circulation; new amenities such as restrooms and concessions area; new grading and drainage strategies; sustainability features; and sufficient parking for all fields that reduces the walking distance from parking to fields. We also prepared a cost estimate.

Our challenge was to design around existing fields and amenities, utility easements and a floodway. We also had to accommodate a future widening of the park’s only access street, which will reduce the number of entrances to the park and increase traffic at entries.

Our plan lays out a pedestrian-friendly complex, with a paved corridor connecting fields and amenities. Vehicular access would be provided to all amenities and maintenance areas. Vehicles exiting the complex would be provided 130 feet of stacking distance. Each parking lot would serve designated fields, clearly identified by signage. Two drop-off areas were provided. A new amenity area would feature picnic shelters and a concessions building. Bioswales would collect and clean stormwater from the parking lots, and create a buffer between traffic and activity areas. Site development phasing was designed to be flexible and allow many fields to remain in play throughout construction.

The City of Omaha recently engaged our firm to update the cost estimate for this project, based on our most recent field development and renovation projects.