UNL - Love Library - Various Projects

UNL - Love Library - Various Projects

The Clark Enersen Partners has 20-year history of work at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Love Library.

In 1995, we replaced the mechanical and electrical systems, and improved the circulation and flow of Love Library South. We phased the renovations so the facility could remain operational throughout construction. An earlier program statement by another firm had identified 15 separate construction phases; through collaboration with library staff, and thoughtful analysis by our in-house team of architects and engineers, we reduced the number of phases to five, which helped us lower costs and provide additional improvements not included in the original program.

Two of our most recent projects at Love Library include the renovation of Room 127 and the South Wing Public Space. The renovation of Room 127 created space for three new university outreach centers:  Education Abroad, the Explore Center, and the First Year Experience and Transition Programs. An existing student collaboration zone was converted into 20 sound-masked offices and a technology-rich conference center complete with video conferencing capabilities and IT-integrated furnishings.

The South Wing Public Space remodel repurposed stack space into new graduate student office and collaboration space, and included new study carrels, student art space, and a stylish new coffee house. We remodeled the circulation desk to serve as an innovative multifunctional single point of service. We also created a curated art gallery.

In addition, our landscape design group recently planned significant improvements for the campus commons area surrounding Love Library.