West Holt Public Schools - New Elementary School and Renovations

West Holt Public Schools - New Elementary School and Renovations

Our first project with the West Holt District created a 32,000-square-foot elementary school addition and included an HVAC Replacement and other renovations to the existing High School to create a centralized K-12 campus. 

This project reorganized several spaces to improve efficiency throughout the facility. The commons in the existing High School was renovated to create a new central hub between the schools, and a cafeteria in the new elementary school was created to serve all students. We also designed a new practice gymnasium and media center for use by all grades. Circulation also was key as stakeholders wanted a to keep some separation between age groups, but also wanted all ages to share the new amenities.

We also replaced the HVAC systems at the middle/high school. The site and parking were carefully designed so that the new elementary school has its own secure entrance with a safe and efficient drop-off area. Design services were completed in four months.

Over the past five years, we have completed two other substantial projects for the West Holt Public Schools. These include a shuffling and re-purposing of spaces: the re-purposing of the music room in the High School to accommodate two new general classrooms, and a relocation of the music room to the former wood working shop, which was moved to a new 4,000-square-foot free-standing metal building we designed to house the school’s industrial arts programs and vehicle storage.

Our most recent project is a 5,600-square-foot four-classroom addition - two for general education and two for special education. One of the special education classrooms provides life skills training for cooking, laundry, etc.