“Our firm has seen some difficult times, but we have achieved great success in spite of that. How did we make the leap? We have a lot of talented people in our firm, but it is our clients who have taken us through those hard times. Their dedication to sticking by us and believing in us is what has opened doors for our firm at just the right times.”

– Greg Lattig, AIA, Senior Principal, President

Clark & Enersen was founded in 1946 by Architect Ken Clark and Landscape Architect Larry Enersen — Harvard graduates who believed we achieve excellence in design through multidiscipline collaboration and strong client partnerships. Since our founding, our firm has been dedicated to carrying on their mission. Throughout our history, there have been ups and downs; times of celebration and disappointment; and projects that have won awards as well as others that were never built. No matter the project, our firm has worked tirelessly to ensure the values they established still guide our firm in every decision we make.

In celebrating our firm’s 75th anniversary, we wanted to look back through our history and document the people, projects, partnerships, and stories that helped make us who we are today. We hope you enjoy this trip through our past and while getting a glimpse of where we are heading.