We offer more than 75 years of church planning and design, from renovations of historic structures to the creation of new worship spaces. Through our years of experience, we have become keenly aware that modern-day churches are not simply buildings with multifunctional spaces—they are places where people are inspired, ministry flourishes, and community grows.

Our firm has created every space associated with religious worship and education including, but not limited to, worship centers, sanctuaries, narthex areas, sacristy rooms, classrooms, gymnasiums, administrative offices, chapels, fellowship halls, and kitchens. Our enthusiastic approach will keep your vision at the forefront of each discussion as we foster open dialogue with thoughtful reflection.

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, Addition and Renovation

Christ Lincoln – Yankee Hill, New Facility

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Facility Assessment and Master Plan

Concordia University, Weller Hall Auditorium Master Plan and Renovation

University Lutheran Chapel, Renovation and Addition

Zion Church PCA, Addition and Renovation

Cross the Line Church, Renovation

Christ Lincoln – Sumner, Master Plan, Addition, and Renovation