We have designed a wide range of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, surgical suites, clinical space, skills practice, and training labs for nursing, pharmacy, medicine, and dentistry as well as medical research facilities. Our clients include hospitals, developers of small and large medical office buildings, private medical and dental care providers, and fitness and wellness centers.

Our experience has helped us understand the way people wish to provide and receive care. While our multi-disciplinary team employs broad principles of flexibility, sustainability, and building performance in each facility, the strength of our work lies in uniting thoughtfully designed spaces with healthcare best practices. Our focus on people-flow, biosecurity, evidence-based design, and changing technology informs our interactive design process toward the outcomes of critical diagnostics, healing care, and patient/practitioner well-being.

State of Missouri, Public Health Laboratory

Lincoln-Lancaster County, Health Department Extension

Lincoln Medical Park

Great Plains Health, Patient Tower, Central Utility Plant, and IT Expansion

Clay County Health Department, Public Health Center

Health 360