PK-12 Education

Improving education—and our communities—with better school design has been part of our mission for 75 years. In the last 15 years, our specialized PK-12 team has worked with public and private school districts to design over $450 million of new facilities, expansions, and renovations for elementary, middle, and high schools across the Midwest. This work includes classroom space, enhanced school safety and security design, gymnasiums, athletic fields, career and technology pathway modules, performing arts theaters, indoor air quality, innovative learning spaces, libraries, as well as pre-bond planning, and master planning.

We understand how meaningful these projects are to the communities they serve, and as they continue to evolve, so does our practice and desire to create educational facilities that withstand the test of time. Our goal is to dive deep with our clients into their project to discover what is best for their school, district, and community and integrate these discoveries into projects that have a positive impact for generations to come.

Exeter-Milligan Public Schools, Community Fitness Center, Commons, and Classroom Expansion and Renovations

Lincoln Christian School, Improvements

Lincoln Public Schools, Kloefkorn Elementary School

Lincoln Public Schools, Moore Middle School

District OR-1 Palmyra High School and Bennet Elementary, Renovation and Addition

Pius X Catholic High School, Addition and Renovation

Pleasanton Public Schools, Addition and Renovation

Elkhorn Valley Schools, Renovation and Expansion