Director of Building Performance Modeling Pasha Korber Earns BEMP Certification

Director of Building Performance Modeling Pasha Korber Earns BEMP Certification

Clark & Enersen is pleased to announce that our Director of Building Performance Modeling Pasha Korber recently earned her BEMP (Building Energy Modeling Professional) certification. This ANSI-Accredited Personnel Certification Program ensures a professional’s ability to model new and existing buildings and systems as well as to gather and interpret energy modeling software results in regard to performance and economics. Currently, there are only 525 certified BEMPs in the world, and Pasha is one of 382 in the United States and one of six in Nebraska.

“Achieving the BEMP credential is an assurance for me personally and professionally,” says Pasha. “The criteria of BEMP serves as a fantastic way to summarize and validate the variety of experience I have accumulated throughout my career focused on facilitating and improving the sustainability of building designs. The integrated operation of buildings is a fascinating science and with the use of whole building simulation tools, Clark & Enersen can dive a bit deeper into our building design strategies for higher levels of energy efficiency while optimizing operating costs.”

What is Energy Modeling?

Energy modeling is the analysis of a building’s physical operations related to energy use, HVAC loads, and automation control strategies. The analysis is typically performed during the design of a building or for existing building operations. Performing accurate energy model analysis requires knowledge and understanding of building physics, HVAC loads calculation, and system design. The energy modeler performs calculations that facilitate awareness in how the design of site, systems, and structure interplay with each other and the surrounding natural environment and its climate.

Using whole-building simulation software, an energy modeler simulates the operations of the building to consider annual utility costs and the performance benefits of various sustainable design strategies. Buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy and humans spend over 80% of their time inside buildings. Building energy modeling helps designers find synergies between systems that will improve occupant comfort and validate design decisions that make financial sense for the long-term sustainability of the building.

To learn more about our energy modeling services, please visit our dedicated energy modeling page.

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