Johnson County Courthouse

Johnson County Courthouse

In 2011, we conducted a study to determine long-term renovation and upgrade needs for the Johnson County Courthouse. The study identified $21 million worth of deferred maintenance needs, and a detailed 10-year schedule for completing this work, presented in the 2012 Capital Improvement Plan.

Built in 1950, the 217,000-square-foot Johnson County Courthouse was at capacity. We worked with the county to reorganize services and achieve more efficient use of space after several functions were relocated to a new Justice Annex. Our work included:

First Floor: A new courtroom, as well as new space for the Justice Information Management Systems group (JIMS) and the Court Services group.

Third Floor:  A new satellite space for the District Court. This will serve as hoteling space so the department can maintain a presence within the building, while a majority of their operation will be located in the new Justice Annex.

Fourth Floor:  A new space for the District Attorney (DA) to serve two growing DA groups - Juvenile Prosecution and the White Collar Crime Unit.

Fifth Floor:  Two new offices, as well as new interview rooms, for the Victim Witness group.

Sixth Floor: Renovations to accommodate two new Child-In-Need-of-Care (CINC) courtrooms with associated chamber space.

We have an on-going relationship with Johnson County, including further implementation of the CIP such as roof, elevator, life safety, air handling, and codes updates for the courthouse.