Kansas City Public Library, North-East Branch Renovation

Kansas City Public Library, North-East Branch Renovation

Clark & Enersen has a long history of completing projects with the Kansas City Public Library (KCPL) system, with the most recent being the design of a renovation of KCPL’s North-East Branch. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became apparent that our approach to furnishings for the library needed to evolve to meet the anticipated social-distancing requirements upon opening.

For that reason, as the project was nearing design completion, our team and key library stakeholders returned to the ultimate goal of the project – to create a safe space for the public to allow for the use of much-needed services while providing an engaging environment for individuals and families alike – while also taking into consideration how the pandemic would impact that goal.

As a result, the following space planning design solutions were implemented:

  • The library’s collection was culled to the most essential offerings so that aisle width could be increased, but the layout could allow for the reinsertion of shelving if a higher density was achievable.
  • Public computer tables, which once held six workstations each, were reduced to three to increase separation. By using the same table though (as with the collection), computer workstations could be added in the future without the need to change the furniture.
  • Other seating and table arrangements were reconfigured to either reduce capacity or increase separation while maintain a diverse offering of options.
  • The large meeting rooms were repurposed for quiet study/reading areas until larger groups could once again be permitted.
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Location Kansas City, Missouri

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