Wayne State College, Athletic Complex Renovation

Wayne State College, Athletic Complex Renovation

In 2013, we planned and designed improvements to expand Wayne State College’s existing soccer performance field and make significant enhancements to its football field and track.

Football and track improvements began with evaluating the existing conditions. The evaluation recommended repairing and resurfacing the existing track and jump areas and replacing the football field’s natural turf with synthetic turf, to allow more frequent use of the field.  The project also included the addition of:

  • An impermeable liner with drains beneath the turf provides constant playability in any weather and soil condition.
  • New conduit for power and data around the track for future electronic timing clocks.
  • New perimeter fencing and new ornamental entry columns.

The soccer portion of the project corrected several deficiencies, allowing the school to now host NCAA Division II games and regional tournaments. The existing field was too narrow—66.6 yards instead of 70 (new college standard) or 75 yards (NCAA optimum).

The new soccer field meets NCAA standards and features a buffer zone around the field. New, attractive fencing surrounding the entire complex promotes the sale of tickets for soccer games, and spectators have access to new seating. Other benefits include ADA-accessible seating, irrigation, and better drainage and stormwater control.

Stats and Results
Location Wayne, Nebraska
Square Feet 176,ooo